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Comparison of Skidding Systems for Land Rig move over Pad wells
19 September 2018
I am looking to find out peoples experiences with skidding systems for Land Rigs of 1500 - 2000 HP capacity. The three distinct skidding systems that I am aware of are:

1) Hydraulic Rig Walking system (x & y axis)
2) Skidding system with sliding base (x axis)
3) Railway skidding system (x axis)

Could someone please highlight the pro's and con's of each system?

I am looking to find out which system is compatible with triples rig capable of skidding without lowering the mast and with set-back load. I am also looking to find out which system may be the most cost effective for modifying 1500 or 2000 HP rig. What type of substructure (sling shot type or box on box type) is better suited for each type of skidding system?

The maximum skidding distance, as I am aware, is limited by rig cable tray, high pressure mud lines and return flow to possum belly tank.

I had seen the sliding base in use in Thailand where an existing ZJ 40 DBS (1000 HP) triples rig was modified to incorporate this system to drill pad wells. The way they had done that was the cable tray was made expandable, the cat walk was raised such that it could be placed over wellheads as needed and incorporated a hydraulic pipe feed from pipe racks and the return flow to the possum belly tank was through a fabricated long channel along the shale shaker tank such that the movement in flowline would not require moving mud tanks. But the skidding distance was limited. I could not however witness the skidding system in action.

Any and all feedback shall be appreciated.

Thank you so much.

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