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HSE Risks in wells and well operations
24 October 2018
I am interested in getting more information pertaining to the HSE risks in the wells and well operations including but not limited to producing wells, rig work over operations, drilling operations, well services operations (coil tubing, testing, cementing, logging, other rig less operations etc), offshore rig operations, high pressure & high temperature hazards & risks, H2S hazards and risks etc.

I understand many companies will have their own formats on the HSE risks and will have the risk criteria based on qualitative and quantitative analysis. A qualitative analysis in the tabular format mentioning hazard source, potential consequences, barriers / control measures (proactive & reactive), etc may be useful initially to begin with the discussion.

Appreciate to share the information / documents  through this forum.
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If you are interested in the HSE risk for Major Accident Events...the best thing to do is to read the 17 reports on the Macondo well, and perhaps the latest book by the ex-Director of one of the national labs, and make a list of the issues and how to avoid them in the future.

Helping the crews with understanding their responsibilites through their management of the barriers, is a key area to minimize the risk. Assuring that you have personnel aboard with the experience to diagnose what's happening down hole, is another thing to keep in mind.

I recently gave a talk in Ottawa on this subject with people concerned about how to minimize risk in the Arctic.
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