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failure of drill collar 3 1/8''
09 November 2018

My question is very simple - why a 3 1/8'' stand is broken in three pieces when accidentally falls on mast?

(The situation was caused by the bad communiation between the tool pusher , the monkey board man and the AD, so the stand falls and separated in three parts)

So my question why it is broken is that a BSR problem OR something else?

(I know this is a simple question, but we do not get a lot of support in our country for these kind of things, so I would really appreciate any advice that the esteemed members can give us)

Thankyou sincerely

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BSR one of the facts that we can look into. Another thing we need to concentrate on is that the accumulated fatigue on the mated connections? Which was the end connection? When was the last NDT inspection performed? How many hours it had rotated in the hole since the recent inspection? etc etc....

If we are not able to find anything from the above questions we have to investigate in the manufacturing part? Like a Positive material identification test or a metallurgical analysis will give more details on the chemical analysis of the raw material used during the manufacture.


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