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reeving drilling line with snake grip
02 December 2018
During recent reeving drilling line operation using the Lewis Snake Grip the snake grip slipped (when the snake was 75 ft away fr the drum) causing the 1 5/8" drilling line pulled backwards over the Fast line sheave and falling (from approx 160 ft) on the drill floor shattering the drillers doghouse window. Despite following the OEM procedure and with the tension on the snake grip 1/4 of the rating it still slipped. Checking IADC data for similar incidents (there were 2 reported) most of them were due to not following the recommended procedure.
Question to the community: what type of grip do your respective rig contractor use when reeving drilling line on the rig. 
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Pak Edwin, When i was onboard GSF Explorer-Transocean Rig, we did changing out drilling line with dead end connector instead of snake type grip.
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Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident and has happened before.I have attached an IADC safety alert for your information that documents root causes of previous incident.

Obviously the solution proposed by Myles could have prevented the  incident.
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IADC Safety Report - Snake Failure.pdf
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A lot of the deepwater rigs have switched over to end line connectors from Gulf Copper.

Here is a better picture

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