Acquiring data to assist with difficult cement jobs

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Given some of the close-tolerance wells that are being drilled, a potential customer (in a Major Oil Co) has asked what the industry thinks about the following potential game-changer(s).

Challenge: Can we develop smart technology around the casing running and cement jobs, that could be integrated into the casing that could:

1.    Measure and transmit surge pressure whilst lowering the casing

2.    Measure the hole caliper (directly or by inference)

3.    Measure Borehole breakout analysis 

4.    Measure annuli pressure build-up

5.    Device that accurately determines the volume-to-bump BEFORE the cement job (i.e. whilst circulating to condition the mud). 

We would love to hear what you think and especially from those who are working on solutions; we will lift our 'no sales pitch' rule (in this instance) as long as you provide meaningful information in your reply (not just redirecting us to your website).




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