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Enquiry: DJ-207 Internal Plastic Coating (IPC)
05 May 2009
Dear colleagues,

Please I need your input, regarding the recommended Internal Plastic Coating for new 5" DP (Grade: G105), DJ-207 IPC.

Personally, I know little or nothing about DJ-207 IPC. I know more about the TK-34 than DJ-207.

Please have you any sort of information or experience using DJ-207 IPC and/or would you recommend DJ-207 IPC?

I would really appreciate your anticipated feedback.

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We have received the following input :

"My only oil field experience with IPC has been TK -34. NOV Tuboscope do have a stronger application but I do not remember the product name"

from Gary Bourne,Regional Operations Manager Americas, Parker Drilling Company
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Neither I nor our materials specialist have heard of this coating. Who is the manufacturer?
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I am not a coatings expert but TK-34 is the one that we recognise and I think it is the commonly used. I have checked with our equipment specialist and he hasn't heard of DJ-207.

At least a data point for you.

Best wishes

Peter Greaves
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BG, Aberdeen
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