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Hydril PH-6 versus VAM TOP as a FRAC String
28 October 2019

We are having issues with  4-1/2" PH-6 tubing string currently being used as a FRAC string. The test pressure is 12000 psi and there are multiple tests while RIH. In the past, I have used 4-1/2" VAM TOP as a FRAC string with similar high pressure 12000 psi and had no problems at all.
There are obvious differences between the 2 threads and my preference is admittedly VAM TOP due to the strict controls on this thread but would like some of the member's thoughts and opinions who perhaps have similar experiences or problems.
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I have used 3 1/2`` size Hy PH-6 tubing on a multistage fracturing completion (6 to 9 stages) with no issues, but the test pressure was around 9k psi. The frac job was done for 5 wells with this kind of completion.
Hope this help you.

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