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Shock from Piling Conductor that can be tolerated by MLS (Mud Line Suspension)
19 June 2020

We are in the planning section of developing wells from exploration well that is suspended using MLS. Our Project dept. will build platform on the MLS site and come with us with question. If we drive caisson pipe (i.e size 60"), would your MLS system tolerate the shock from the piling operation? Will it damage the MLS connection?

We figure out that the shock will only exist in the surface (hammer) and in the tip of the caisson. In the seabed itself, since the soil is still soft and far from the shock source, the soil will absorb the shock and safe for the connection in MLS. However its only our assumption.

Really appreciate if the expert in here can share their insight on this matter. Thank You.

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Would be really surprised if the hammering will damage the MLS system. You will probably be more lucky winning a jackpot in the lotery.

Perhaps you can check with a company whom can run simulations (dynamic impact analyses), they will require input parameters but perhaps worth checking so you have the numbers verified. Several companies offer these services (you can search online) and it does not have to be a company familiar in the industry, as long you are assured you provide the right input.

Good luck.

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