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Mobilization time of a trailer-mounted rig such as MR8000 (DrillMec)
26 August 2020
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to estimate mob/demob for a trailer-mounted rig.
Has anyone had experience with this type of rig? Would be great if it's specifically with MR8000 or equivalent.
This would be for a P&A operation, so basically just cutting/pulling casing, circulation, cementing etc. 200 ton hookload capacity is the key requirement due to the weight of the casing string, which is why I mentioned the MR8000 from DrillMec.

Thank you very much for your time and help!

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Thank you very much for the detailed input with so many good points for planning an efficient and trouble-free rig move!


Also a great suggestion.

Take care,
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Hello Larry,

Good input from Scott.

In addition perhaps it is worth checking with DrillMec. Exect they can provide you good information, also specifically concerning the MR8000 unit, with regards to mob/demob timing, planning (tasks) and operating conditions (driving and in operations). There may be some area specific requirements (as per Scott's notes) but a experienced site coordinator, logistics planner etc must be able to get you the answers.

Best regards,

Marcel de Klerk

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Hi Larry,

The key for any work like this is a pre-mobilisation route survey.

In other words, a team which includes a drilling contractor representative (preferably including the person who will actually drive the unit!) and Operator personnel including logistics and local liaison.

This is to identify any issues along the route with respect to load size (particularly height for bridges, power & telephone etc cables strung over the road), turning circle for tight corners, uneven road with potential for grounding etc.

Depending upon how far the Rig has to come from, this will also identify suitable places to stop and refuel & rest and/or change drivers. You may also find that some areas will only allow the rig to move at a specific time of day (or, for example, not on a weekend).

This should be done as far in advance as possible so that any problems along the route can be identified and corrective actions put in place - this may involve discussions with various local authorities or companies (power, telephone etc).

Ideally the survey should look for alternative routes at the same time.

The other main thing to focus on is the well location itself.

Is there enough room for the Unit to manoeuvre into position?

Is the ground firm enough to take the expected load - you mentioned recovering a heavy string of casing - so is a mud boat or reinforced pad needed?

Can the rig work over the existing cellar - both width and height clearance need to be checked - or does the site need to  be modified?

Once those aspects have been addressed, the time to mobilise and rig up should actually be pretty quick.

Certainly no more than 48 hrs from arrival on location to rig up, perform acceptance testing and be ready to commence operations.

All the best

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