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Sub surface valve as barrier for flow line
13 December 2020
Should we consider SSSV as one of barrier to protect flow lines against high pressure, or lines leaks?
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I guess this question is related to your HAZID/HAZOP study and this is related to the application of Landing String and IWOCS. Is it correct?
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Hello Haitham,

The primary purpose of SSSV is to shut-in the well in the event of loss of surface wellhead integrity.

Based on Company Policy and Procedure you can either use it or not for other purposes like the one you mentioned.

In conclusion such scenario it lies under the case-by-case scenario risk assessment which generally speaking is the basis of whatever action you want to take during the well exploitation life.

One suggestion is to avoid as much as reasonable possible the use of SSSV for other than its intended primary purpose.   

Hope this will help.

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