Inclination Control in High dipping Formations in Surface hole

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We are in the initial stage of planning a Well where the surface formations have high dipping. This poses a challenge to maintain inclination control with 34'' and 24'' BHAs. Just to give an idea the 34'' BHA has section TD at 150m and 24'' section has TD at 700m.

Besides running a packed BHA for the 34'' section, is there something that we can change or a tool that we can run? I reckon we need to go with high WOB but that might cause angle building issues and probably the low parameters would be run to minimise BHA walk, especially in the 34'' section. For the 24'' section, we are getting an 11-3/4'' Mud motor that might help us out, But even with that, sliding at such shallower depth would be an issue.

These formations are not jettable since we are in tectonically stressed regions, but this high dipping in the surface is challenging.


FormationsmMDmTVDDip Angle
Formation-4194019385 to 27
Fault-21425142523 to 33

Any comments or suggestions for this issue or anybody else who has experienced such an environment? What was the lesson learned?


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