Reamer vs Stabilizer vs Reaming Stabilizer

Dear All,

We are looking at modifying the BHA for 8-½" hole, where we do all the directional work i.e. 0-90 deg.

Mud used is OBM, so we don't have any issues with shale stability or tight spots etc.

Typically the BHA utilizes a 8-¼" Stab, and there have been no issues as such.

Now there is a proposal to change the String Stab with a reamer or a reaming stabilizer ( See Gun Drill Reamers by Innovex).

Personally I feel that if it's not broke don't fix it and would not like to make any change.

Need opinion if anyone has used Reamer or reaming stab in 8-½" build section.

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Umair Ahmed Baig

Umair Ahmed Baig

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