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My name is Brandon Doo. I am a video producer in Los Angeles. I am looking for an oil pumpjack to film a short scene for a film anywhere in California, USA. It is a very simple scene where two people share dialogue while they are admiring an oil pumpjack up close. I am inquiring to see if there are any oil pumpjacks that we would be allowed to film with or is there are any pumpjack owners that would be interested in working with us. We plan on shooting with a small crew for one day sometime in the winter.

We are looking for either an inactive or abandoned oil pumpjack or an active oil pumpjack that can be shut off for one day during filming. The model of the pumpjack doesn't matter, but bigger is better. The surrounding area should be remote without signs of civilization. I've included a picture of the type of thing we're looking for.

Thank you for your time,
Brandon Doo

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