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Deepwater specific

Cover items specific to Deepwater activity
UDW 26in top hole effect of flowrate? 59 221
Casing & Liners

Matters relating specifically to casing and liners, including : centralisation, shoetracks, liner hangers, DV collars and so on. Includes wear-bushings and casing hangers
Best Practice of cementing tie-back casing 76 297

1.Artificial Lift 2.Completion Equipments 3.Completion Fluids 4.Horizontal / ERD wells 5.Multi-Laterals 6.Multi-phase Flow 7.Perforating 8.Safety Issues 9.Sand control 10.Tubing Stress
Sub group(s)
Retrievable packers types 82 260
Drilling Operations
Sub group(s)
IS cavitation in drilling tools a real thing? 125 648