Managing Supply Chain during Covid-19 Pandemic

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We are all aware that we experiencing unprecedented times as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact this has on our economies. With governments lifting lockdowns and adopting a more risked based approach to managing Covid-19 hazard and thereby as a consequence allowing (or at least encouraging) the workforce returning to their place of work, I am wondering how this is managed by the oil & gas supply chain.
I am aware that Oil and Gas UK have published guidelines how to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 for the offshore UK workforce but as one would expect it does not address the commercial risks or impact.

Thus I am wondering how the supply chain, but in particular how Service Co and Drilling Co personnel, is managed by the various companies. The question I would like to receive a response on:
  1. Are suppliers invoicing their buyers or clients for crews / personnel in quarantine prior to travel offshore? (i.e. I am aware that some operators have personnel mobilised 48 hours before travelling offshore to undergo Covid-19 testing). And if so, is this at full rate or a special rate? Or zero rate?
  2. Are you aware of (and can you share) any additional contractual terms & conditions created and included in contracts as a result of the pandemic?
Appreciate any response on this post.

Many thanks in advance,
Harald Benning

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