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Survey Enhancing Operational Performance Through Novel Risked Based Contracting Strategies for the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry
25 March 2019
Lectori Salutem,

I am currently in the final stages of my MSc. 'Purchasing & Supply Chain Management' and an integral part of my dissertation is to conduct research to prove or disprove the various hypothesises of the literature research I have conducted. Therefor I would appreciate if you could spend a few minutes to answer the questions in the questionnaire. Many thanks in advance.

The survey can be found on:

Harald Benning
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Hi Harald,
Seeing as it's you, I'll go ahead to the link and help you with this survey. I know how much effort you've put into your MSc, and I wish you every success with your future career. Hopefully, a few other folks will follow my lead.
Steve Hauxwell

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