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Technical Evaluation of OCTG Tenders
03 April 2018
I am currently involved in an large OCTG retender exercise (3 year contract duration) and am looking for a specialist to provide assistance with the technical part of the evaluation. Can anyone recommend such a specialist living in the Aberdeen area to provide this assistance.
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Joe Duxbury, can not get hold of you through Spread.  His phone  number is 07713154578 and email address is 

Regards Ian 
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From a dated point of view, I recall a few names of experts such as OCTG Proctor Consultancy (Kevin Fearnley, Max Proctor), Geoff Thompson, Gareth Williams, Dave Seymour, Stephen Diamond, Tudor Jones.

See also ISO, API, E&P Forum, CRINE-New Era, European OCTG Procurement Initiative for members residing in Scotland

However more important than selecting the expert is to agree on the 15 Technical Suggestions for ordering tubular goods

1       Outside Diameter tolerances - 0.5% /OD/ +.75&

2        Out of Roundness OOR below .04%

3       Range lengths e. g. Range 3 mean length = 45 ft

4       Toughness requirements minimum 15 ft-lbs

5       Pup joints, a must

6       Alternate drift, also a must & with a longer drift!

7       Matched Strength Connections imperative

8       Qualification of Premium Connections: OD, t, grade, material & coating all spelled out

9       Chemical Composition: complete (aim x actual)

10  Heat treatment spelled out (N or N&T or Q&T)

11  Line pipe used as casing (only if geometrical acceptance by casing Spec 5CT

12  Thread protectors (“driftable” & qualified)

13  Thread Compounds (qualified & environmental acceptable)

14  Pipe Roundness to achieve quality thread cutting

15  Thread Make-up verified with ultrasonic techniques

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I am available and live in Aberdeen. My number is 07920451114. You can connect via Linkind. 
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Hi Ian - hope you are well

Joe Duxbury could be your man if he's not fully retired now although I don't think he is. 

He's on Linked-in as tubular consultant.   I can get his number for you if required.


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Ian, I am in Aberdeen and have experience in OCTG procurement, both from mills and brokers in Scotland and further afield. I have experience in chrome pipe, heavy wall and premium connections.
I can be contacted on if there’s anything you need. Best regards, Chris
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