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15 July 2012
Hi folks

By popular demand we have kicked off a project to develop phone apps for the site (it will cover i-phones and android phones). This will take a while and we will roll it out after it has been developed and tested.

In the meantime, we continue to welcome any comments and feedback on this site.

Membership has been stagnating just below 1500; I reject quite a few applications in order to ensure the quality of membership, occasionally expel a member for inappropriate use of the site; and we had a few members opt out of alert emails.

Please help us break through the 1500 barrier by recruiting your friends.


Dave Taylor
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Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection Ltd.
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Well I never .. my thanks to Paul Howlett of Caledus who immediately emailed an invitation to a select group of colleagues, and to the 10 who immediately signed !!

Membership now stands at 1500 .. at an average 20 years experience each, that's 30,000 years of collective experience at our fingertips ..

Neanderthal 'man' ceased to exist about 30,000 years ago.

To our new members, WELCOME.

To our existing members, just think what we could achieve if everyone of you recruited 10 colleagues.

The more people we have in the Forum the more likely it is that we can help one another .. and make a difference.

Happy recruiting

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