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Hi folks

As part of our ongoing efforts to create the most user-friendly oil
& gas discussion forum in the world, we have taken a risk and set up
a (unique) system that keeps you "logged into" SPREAD even if you
close your browser or even if you shut down your computer.

After logging in for the FIRST and ONLY TIME, as long as you are at
the same computer when you next need to access SPREAD, then you do
not need to log in again. Only thing you need NOT to do is sign out
of SPREAD using the Sign out feature (i.e you don't even have to DO
ANYTHING to benefit from this feature EXCEPT to log in once).

If you've forgotten your password we have installed one of the most
user-friendly password reminder services in the world.

We are really trying hard to reduce the number of key strokes
between having an idea (whether it be a need for information, need
to review answers, need to ask questions or need to answer) .. and
getting WHAT YOU WANT.

Please, please help us by promising to use the system at least once
per 100 days (1%).

In return we promise to keep developing a system we can all be proud
to be FREE members of.

Just log in today and you need not worry about remembering passwords
(and all that hassle) for at least 100 days. Our next step is to
increase this to 240 days.

We attach a user friendly guide ("Noddy does knowledge")

Thankyou very much for your time.

Best wishes

Dave Taylor
Tel : +44 7748 678 176 (for any more ideas / help you need)
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