Do YOU have what it takes ?

Do you have what it takes ?

In 1999, the Doubling the Value of Wells Group concluded that one of
the biggest opportunities facing our industry was sharing best
practices BETWEEN companies. It was refreshing to see how
enthusiastic some individuals, in all companies, got about this.

Encouraged by 2 oil companies in Aberdeen, and endorsed by the
Drilling Managers Forum, we took the plunge and built SPREAD. It is
was designed as a simple Discussion Forum (not to be confused with
Lessons Learnt Database), supplemented by a series of informal
meetings where there were large enough ”œcluster” of delegates.

Some people told us we were mad, that we would not be able to
overcome the ”œtoo busy syndrome” and general malaise that has
inflicted the industry over the past decade.

We have tried every trick in the book to get people on board, and

In a final drive to get you involved I have decided to :
 Suspend Best Practices Forum; it was an expensive
distraction. The last two were cancelled when people failed to
commit and/or turn up on the day; cost £2600.
 Let go of our SPREAD team - they had become so despondent
 Open up the network free to the whole industry
 Reactivate those of you who took part in free trials (with
the exception of one very large company which told us they only
wanted to ”œtake” and not ”œgive”)
 Send out 250 mousemats (with a ”œcall to arms” on them. Why
not write your user name and password on the underneath ? (that way
no time wasted finding password)

What can you do ?
1. Log on and get active; ask, answer, browse
2. Tell a friend or use the email a friend facility
3. Nothing

If you choose 1-2 then perhaps you will recreate how you felt when
you first stood on the drillfloor (or saw a BOP stack) and were so
excited about the future.

If you choose item 3, then perhaps those people 3 years ago were

The choice is entirely yours.

Best wishes

Dave Taylor
Managing Director - Relentless Pursuit of Perfection Ltd
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