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Private Forums on SPREAD - your input please
07 July 2017
Hi folks,

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that we have a 'Private Forum' feature at the top of the home-page.

This is an area that (fee-paying clients) can use as their own internal chat-room, discussing  items that are perhaps not suitable for the public domain. For example, prices, depths and mudweights that might be considered 'confidential'.

We built a trial site for 'Private Forums' a few years back, but it took a lot longer and cost a lot more than we'd thought. We also ended up changing programmers and programming code as we were in the midde of revamping the original (mother) site. This resulted in a loss of impetus.

However, we now have an exceptionally flexible team and two clients have asked us to prepare sites for them. We will be offering the first four companies a free 6-month trial.  Fee structure will be designed to appeal.

We have thought up the kind of features that we should build into this site and are preparing a summary scope-of-work.

Now for the question:
  • "If you were a user working in one of those companies, what features would you like to see in such a system and why?"
Please be as descriptive as possible.


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