2200hp 7500psi HP pumps and manifolds?

Whats best practices and what is considered normal for the new generation of 2200hp mud pumps? Vertical Exploration wells.

1. Top hole and surface hole
1500-2,000gpm or more?
6-1/2" liners and up to 5K pumping?

Intermediate sections 17-1/2", 14-3/4" wellbores etc.
6-1/2" liners 1500gom, 5K?

Production casing and liners. 12-1/4" and 8-1/2" wellbores.
6" liners, realsing 6K operating pressures so we can have our cake and eat it as wlell in terms of operating drilling performance, pump pressure capabilities, and flow rate to clean the wellbore at hopefully higher ROP's?

What pipe has proved best 5-7/8" or 6-5/8" for wells up to 5,000m TVD (16,000ft)

What experiences have been gained in recent years, appreciated to capture and assure lessons learned are applied.

Peter Aird
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