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Offline make up of drilling stands
08 June 2006
I would like to find the industry present ”œnormal expected time”
for stand building either drill pipe or casing, offline, on a modern
jack up or semi submersible. The stands can be either triples or
quads. And we are looking at the time to make up about 50 - 60
stands, and rack them, using semi or full automation
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1983 Wk1 Dinsdag: Rig automation trip times 60 sec/single with
elevator; 74 sec with drillhead manual versus 2´ or 1´ 40” manually?
Pipe running speed 230´/min 43´ singles = 11 seconds. casing
jacking systems 10 joints/hour.

1965 - 1973 My own experience: PetroFina Angola [local crews] adding
a DP stand 1.5 minutes; adding a stand of DC 4.5 minutes. I did use
to check the Geolograph - a good crew had a GeoloGraph looking like
a brand new comb.

I don't believe speed is the essence of making stands off line...
Consistency and perfection is.

Best regards
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