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Making up doubles of casing
07 March 2007
Does anyone have any experiance of making up and running casing in
doubles on a land operation. This would be for a helicopter
supported rig, are there any specific obstacles to being able to do
this. I have done it previously offshore on a 5th generation semi,
but would be interested to hear from anyone with any experience of
doing it on land, on a heli rig. Any pictures of the operation would
be greatly appreciated also.

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We have a deep water well where we may need to run ~1,500' of 11-3/4in 60# P110 R-3 casing with FJL connections and are looking for best practices and hazards associated with running this as doubles.  We currently plan to make the casing up into doubles at quay-side using TT equipment and ship offshore.

However, considering FJL's true flush joint design, we're concerned the bending loads that doubles may incur during lifting, transport, and racking back might well result in connection failures and / or complete connection separation.

We would appreciate any best practices you can share associated with running casing in doubles in general and the FJL connection in particular.”‹

Thank you for your time.


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No problem as long as you can handle the size and length of the
casing while picking it up into the derrick. A lot of smaller rigs
can´t handle large OD pipes of length.

Scott Nash
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