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XLOT Procedure
02 August 2012
Ladies & Gents,

I'm on the scrounge for a decent XLOT procedure for the Rig based people to follow, preferably with an example diagram to make it easier to explain what we are looking for and why.

Also, if you have something that I can show the town based personnel why it's good practise w.r.t. to getting information on the minimum rock stress, I'd appreciate that too.

Thanks in advance

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what is XLOT?is any diffirent with normal FIT or LOT?

 normally, wo don't do LOT in the limestone and carbonnatite. because in this kind of formation, after the LOT, formation can not recover as before. 
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I am on leave right now and have left my laptop at work.
Happy to send you what I have in a months time.

However I do know that SPE paper 132981 will be an interesting read for you.
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Hi folks

I have been asked by one of the Shell members of the forum to remove the attachment to Steve's earlier posting.

I have done so, and reworded Steve's response accordingly.

Please may all members respect the fact that before posting material they should consider whether it would be allowed in the public domain.

Kind regards to all

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here is a paper on X-LOT procedure and suggestions.
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Paper on X-LOT.PDF
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Hi Scott,

Attached is a page of introductory info with a diagram that may be of use if you're trying to put an explanation together.

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XLOT intro.docx
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Hi Scott,

Eric van Oort which you might find useful co-authored an SPE paper SPE 105193 which might cause the average rig personnel to glaze over by the time they reach the 2nd page but it does give detailed explanations and calcs.

Cheers, Steve.
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XLOT guidelines and example as per document attached.
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extended leak off.pdf
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