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Use of rollers to make up BHA components offline
11 October 2007
Does anyone have any experience with this? Comments?

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Not being a drilling engineer, but just a safety guy my concern with making up doubles without the proper torque (As mentioned in the comment at the end of the question) would be having them come apart during the lifting process onto the floor.  Some systems for bringing pipe up to the floor can produce shifting and bumping especially when trying to optimize time.   There are procedures in place on most rigs to accommodate for this such as making the area around the catwalk restricted during pipe handling.  These should handle any personnel safety issues with the pipe falling below the floor, but if the pipe comes loose when above the V door it could prove catastrophic.
Another consideration is what happens if a double gets away during standing it in the derrick.   When a normal stand gets loose it usually ends up resting on one side of the derrick.   What would a double do being 30 feet shorter.  A good engineering problem.
One other issue is if there is one or more joint failures during pickup it could work towards negating any gains for picking up the pipe as doubles, depending on when and where it fails.  I would venture to guess that picking up a large number of doubles without proper torquing would result in some failures.

I write this with the assumption that this is a land rig from the description.   Got me thinking about rigs again since retirement.

Hope this provides some points for consideration.

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Dave, I have had several sets of these manufactured when I have worked for a variety of clients around the globe, for onshore and offshore projects. I don't, but one of your clients in PNG may have some JSA's to cover the use of the boxes. The main risks are handling the tubulars with cranes and forklifts when positioning them on the boxes; the next main risk is picking the made up sections to the drill floor and ensuring they don't back out from eachother or the lift subs when making them up to the drill string. Competent personnel and good procedures should significantly reduce these hazards. 

Personally I think roller boxes are a significant time-saver and very user friendly particularly if the supervisors buy into them and promote their use. I'm surprised how many supervisors initialy don't like the idea, but once they see them in action they generally change their opinion.

The boxes are not good for making up multiple long BHA components (which can also be difficult to pick up to the drill floor), but for making up subs and stabilisers to motors, MWDs etc they are simple to use, cheap and save lots of rig floor hassle. 

Bucking units may be better for more expensive offshore operations although you tend to find that most drillers will still want to check that the connections are torqued which maens that the full time-saving generated by using a bucking unit is not realised.
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Hi folks

At a recent DWOP, we discussed making up dumb iron (loose) to mud-motor offline on the main deck of our jack-up, and then tight on the rig-floor.

Please can those of you who are doing that share your experiences with us, ideally by way of the written procedures that you use and/or your JSAs.

This type of offline activity should be easy to do and a 'no-brainer'. 

Many thanks

Dave Taylor
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We have been using rollers for one year now.
We have observed a reduction in BHA pick up times of up to 1-1.5
hours in more complex BHA's especially where there are MWD/LWD tools
One set is used by the drill crew and the MWD/LWD guys have another

I spoke to PDC and they have no formal procedure for offline make up
of BHA"s and include it under the general make up of tubulars. The
local deck crews make them up under instruction of the AD and the
obvious rule is not to make them too long to cause problems with
pick up to the rotary. There is also the need to make sure all
component connections are made up when running in the hole.

I have attached contact details for the manufacturer of the stands

T +603 2080 5080
F +603 2080 5083

Scomi Group Bhd (571212-A)
5th Floor, Wisma Chase Perdana
Off Jalan Semantan
Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur


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Best wishes

Dave Taylor
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On the Sedco 712 we used to do this regularly with specially adapted
rollers made by a company in Invergordon (see attached). The rollers
were used to make up BHA from 6" to 12 1/4" chain tong tight. A
Scorpion tong was also available to torque them up on the deck but
was not used much as there was little faith in it making up the
components to the correct torque
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