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Breaking out Weld A connections
03 May 2008
When any of you get a chance, can you please give me some info on
your experience and/or best practice for breaking out connections
made up with Halliburton Weld A?

550°F is the only requirement on the package. I was planning on
rose bud, temperature gun and have tongs already bitten holding some
tension while heating up. When at temp, pulling max available. Any
other thoughts or suggestions would be welcome ..

Appreciate you're all busy at the moment, however, if you get a
chance to reply over the next few days it would be a great help

Best wishes
Stuart Job, OSL Drilling Supv on HAES Rig 101, Papua New Gunea
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Marathon Oil
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Further to responses already posted I am not sure how you intend
applying the breakout torque or what type and size of connection you
are breaking out. If it is a casing connection be very careful if
you use a rig tong as there is a real danger that you will buckle the
pipe before you get enough breakout torque. A casing power tong
should be used to prevent this.
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It seems as though you are on the right track with the heating of
the connection with the rose bud in the event of you needing to pull
your casing.Depending on what style of casing tong you are using,you
ought to be able to apply left hand torque to the connection above
your heating area on the coupling,to avoid damage to the power
tong.You could indeed you heat sensing equipment,however the
connection will still break when the Weld Lock reaches its break out
temperature,and you will need to have the connections inspected in
any case.
One thing to be wary of would be if the coupling has had weld type
of material applied on elther side of the coupling,not just the pin
end,that being the case you would need to break off the coupling of
collar to re-apply on both sides to re-gain effectivness of the
weld.I would also use your rig tong on the coupling/collar so it
would break in the correct spot.
Good luck.
Hess Corporation
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If you apply heat with the tongs engaged you run a risk of weaking
the tong dies.

If you don't heat the connection prior to breakout it will galled
and most likely break a tong die.

Common practice is to use a rose bud to put a good soaked heat on
the connection, 400-500 degrees c(temperature should stay within 50
degrees c after the heat is removed), you shouldn't galled the
threads during breakout. Temperature sticks are commonly used to
measure the temperateure but, a infared temperature gauge is the
most accurate. You will need to do VTI, MPI (blacklight) of the
connection by a certified inspector and Brinell hardness test on the
box connection prior to being put back in service. If you get a copy
of the material test report (MTR) you can compare the hardness
values to ensure you didn't change the mechanical properties of the
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Breaking out a threadlocked connection depends on if you want to use
either of the threads again, if so first try to break out a normal
recommended torque, then by heating, but use temperature indicating
sticks, like the fishing companies use when accessing temperature
during hardfacing, and try to break the connection out in temperature
increments at the recommendede torque, until it does, or until you
reach the maximum temperature you can acheive with your equipment and
the recommended torque, or 600F and the recommended torque, once you
have exceeded both of these you should apply the maximum torque
available to you but should the connection break it should probably
not be used unless certified inspection is conducted. In any event a
risk assessment should be conducted to ascertain any other limiting
factors from a safety perspective. Hope this is helpful.
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