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Reversible drilling fluids emulsion
30 June 2015
We are currently facing some issues (borehole stability, hole cleaning)with 1000m drain length in 8-1/2" using FAZEPRO (Reversible drilling fluids emulsion) systems. Please share your return of experiences on this type of mud with regards to:
  • hole cleaning efficiency
  • hole stabity across claystones vs exposure time
BHA: Push to bit system, LWD, 4" HWDP, 4" DP, 5-7/8"
Casing: 10-3/4" (400m)  x 9-5/8"
Reservoir: Turbiditic channel made of sandstones and clastones
Flowrate: 1500 - 1700 lpm
ROP: 15-20 m/hr average
RPM: 120-150
WOB: 5-6T
Water depth: 1000m
burial: 1500 mTVDSS

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mase yan

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