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Crane lifts of two bundles of tubulars or csg
03 September 2015


I'd be very keen to hear of any operations on the planet that allow cranes to lift tubulars but mainly csg bundles two at a time to speed up offloading supply boats or moving around the rig etc? I remember doing this way back when I was a Roustie but what about today? Does this still happen or not?

Is this totally outlawed or can it be done if you follow the detail in the attached for Fig 5? There would be a set of brothers c/w hooks with two sling eys in each. The csg bundle slings will be the same length and brothers rated for the lift load of two bundles.

If anyone is doing this please share any photo's, JRAs etc.

Many thanks


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Hi folks

This has raised it's 'inefficient and restrictive' head again.

We are specifically looking for facts related to lifting more than  1 bundle from the boat at a time.  If you have pictures, procedures or JSAs that you can share we can break a few paradigms.

Best wishes

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We do this to backload dillpipes from rig to boat in calm weather. A good JSA required. Offload casing from boat to rig, never seen such in my hitches but not sure if they do.

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Just read response # 3 and that is basically what I was proposing with the cradles.  he refers to them as racks.
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I believe a better method would be to use a spreader bar.
Another method is to use a cradle that holds the joints and lift the cradles.  I have no pictures but they might be on line somewhere.
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This may not fully answer your request as you are probably looking for a low cost method to quickly transfer joints on the boat to the rig.
In the North Sea it is the normal practice to ship the casing out pre-slung in bundles. The number of joints per bundle depends on the size of the casing. This save the amount of time for boat handling, but increases the handling time on the rig to unsling the bundles and re-organise them ready for running.
Another alternative is to have the casing pre-tallied, drifted, numbered and placed in racks onshore before mobisliation to the rig. I currently do this for liners, and have  recently learned of a company that can do this for small to medium sized casing strings. Aside from minimising boat handling it also reduces and eases the handling on the rig. (rig crew definitely like this).
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I have used this method in a couple of locations before, but the secert is having a really good slinging crew.
As you say you have to have same length slings and chain brothers. Also the slings need to be wrapped in the same place on all the bundles.
Use tag lines and a good JSA/tool box talk......
It is a particualy good method to use if you are discharging trucks straight onto a supply vessel.Sorry no pictures
Good luck
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Why would you bother ... just make the bundles larger.  If you believe the main line can outperform the fast line.
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