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Drilling Logistics - Lookahead
23 November 2015

Way back when...I remember starting in the North Sea as a Trainee DE, and was introduced instantly to the 7 Day Lookahead (EXCEL) spreadsheet. Through my near 20 years, it is THE one 'tool' that seems to be consistently applied in most projects I've been involved in. My personal document and version control are not what they should have been and I've ended up with a Best Practice dilemma...

Where possible, please can you share what ever version and or upgraded system (SAP, MS Project etc) you're DSV's use to keep on top of day to day Rig Logistics.

I've attached the one being used here in ADMA / UAE (on the Project Team I'm involved with - interestingly it does not seem to be standardised across ADMA's rig fleet!?)

If unable to share with the full SPREAD community, pls send to the SPREAD Moderator Dave Taylor
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Hello Sean,

Find attached spread sheet that I have used several projects. I hope that helps you.


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Hi, in Norway we use WELS, created and run by  It is an all-in logistics (personnel & cargo) system as well as a time planner.  Used it for a 6 well development & 2 well exploration campaign.  I could go into lengthy details, but best to look at their website.  Covers warehouse - warehouse logistics including on the boats, etc.  Service companies receive call offs through the system for equipment and people.  All certification is electronically stored within the system.  Can see where all items are on the PSV decks and on the rig deck.  Also what is in each container.  So long as it is used correctly, it is a fantastic system now that the bugs have been ironed out.  And no, I don't know anyone in WELS nor am I on a commission! :)

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