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5th 6th generation MODU 'warm/cold' stacking
12 October 2015
In the context of an offshore drilling workshop to be conducted in November this year. The client has asked for specific best practices, lessons learned, general comments, key points to be considered 'i.e. the costs?' in regards to:

'Warm or cold stacking' a modern 5th or 6th Gen MODU (mobile offshore drilling unit i.e. cyber based rig), in current climes for a specific lay up period'

Knowledge, experiences, concerns, discussion comments, thoughts views, all appreciated. 


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Hi Peter,

Although it was a while ago, I was curious how the workshop turned out?

I was surprised to recently read that a major drilling contractor had cold stacked all their 5th & 6th Gen DW Drillships.

Just from the problems I've encountered in getting much simpler (i.e. non-cyber) rigs up and running after a period in cold stack, I would have thought it's a risky proposition cold stacking a cyber rig?

Yes, we all need to look at ways of cutting costs in the current climate, but given the cost and the myriad complexities of a 5th/6th Gen MODU, it would seem to be a very risky option to cold stack vs. warm stack.

Certainly as an operator, I would always take a warm stacked rig over a cold one - pretty much irrespective of any financial 'savings' that might appear to be available using a cold stacked rig.

Best Regards

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