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150T Hydraulic Top Drive pros & cons
21 October 2015
Dear all,

Has anyone worked with a hydraulic top drive before (type TDH-150)? What's the pros and cons in comparison with an electric one?
The idea here is to equip a workover rig with a small TDS to do some re-entry work, directional drilling. Never worked with a hydraulic one before, so it'd be appreciated if you can share some of your experience. Thank you very much!

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  I worked some smaller rigs in Western Canada at the advent of horizontals (86/87)with 150 ton hydraulic topdrives, early issues were lack of proximity switches, placement of tork tube, and a lack of safety lock outs, all which were managed in time. There were a few burnt out saver sub/grabber sets and damaged monkey boards untill they sorted it out.
  On the smaller rigs there was no issues with making up stands to drill with because with the robotics that Tesco offered at the the time you could pick up a single from the "V" door make up to the one in the mouse hole and be back drilling quicker than a kelly rig.
  Rig selection was critical particularly derrick height due to added length of TD and rig layout for power house placement ei right hand or left hand standpipe?
  Those are a few of the things I remember being issues at that time, I am sure there a few more especially on the new "safety" environment........
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In my active time, I have seen Hydraulic Top Drives used without adverse comment.
I recall Maritime Hydraulics used on Brent Alpha (North Sea) and Tesco (Canadá).

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