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Web based daily reporting tools
27 November 2015

A google search of "Drilling Reporting Software" uncovers loads of offerings.  I'm interested to see which would be a good choice of a web-based reporting system.  If you are familiar with one of the commercially available offerings, would you give your opinion as to whether you consider it offers good value for money? 

  • Web based, reports can be seen or generated by anyone with access.
  • Easy / instinctive to use with minimum training
  • Doesn't duplicate the same info in different places
  • Allows export of data in useful formats (so you can play with it in Excel or other programs)
  • Good report generating capabilities, not just for reading but let's say I wanted to pull out all the 12.25" bits that had drilled with OBM on a RSS ... for instance.
  • Cost per user is reasonable.
  • Is it good to use on mobile devices
Thanks, Steve
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Have a word with TechDrill Int´l.
Try RnD Director Patrick Daget 

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