7 5/8" liner in 8 1/2" hole


We are looking at running flush-joint 7 5/8" liner in 8 1/2" hole.

I am particularly interested in members' experience in the following:

1) How long was the casing/liner ?
2) What was the deviation and maximum dog-leg severity ?
3) How competent was the hole,and was it gauge or washed out ?
4) Did the casing/ liner go to bottom easily ?
5) Were centralisers run and what type ?
6) What mud was it run in ?
7) Was it rotated ?
8 ) How was ECD managed ?
9) Was cement bond checked, and what was found ?
10) How many times has this been done that you know of ?

I'd appreciate any input you have.


Nicky Riley
Drilling Engineer

Petrofac Energy Developments
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