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BOP shearing capabilities (info - data sharing of BOP actual pipe shearing data)
20 September 2016


Just want to know whether there is a global or public databases where certain BOP OEM has published formulae for calculating shearing pressures , but also the actual shear data info for comparison under controlled conditions.

Is there any documented evidence or info that pipe shearing by BOP incidents had documented that BOP shearing pressures are lower than that calculated or provided by BOP OEM?

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You are asking for shear capabilities at a time when a number of vendors are introducing new shear rams to the industry.  For example, CBOP, Houston, Ennovate Shear Seal Assembly, Aberdeen are but two new innovative shear rams, others are from Cameron and NOV,  suggest you embark on a dedicated research path to get the latest engineering bulletins and shearing reports which are available (mainly in the public domain)

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Contact Stan Christman at

He knows a lot about this stuff and may be able to assist.



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2011 Semana VII 2ª-fª: SIPM WGN Query 5242 subsea BOP shear test Cameron TL BOP

1998 Wk9 Thursday: Shaffer T72 shear rams, Peter Page Shell UK.

1998 Wk05 DK Maersk Contractors shear rams boost;

1998 Wk 5 India ONGC JU shear but no seal.

1995 Wk19 shear forces: small BOPs require boosters, Allan Schultz

1993 Wk6  Shell Oil USA LWS 7” shear rams; MGS?

1993 Wk 4 NL NAM´s HermaN MaasteNbroek, EP93 1500 shear force psi v tandem booster.

*1992 Wk9 Exxon x 18 ¾” 15K BOP. Hang-off; fatigue of BlindShear rams; shearing test [SOI, Amoco, StatOil, Chevron]...major operator found limitations in Fatigue,  stripping, hang-off and shearing.

*1992 Wk3 Hydril? Shearing capabilities of 13 5/8” BOP.

*1992 Wk1Shearing 5" 19.5# G 105 DP Shell UK/Deutag [13 5/8” and 16 ¾” BOPs].

1991 Wk52 Shearing S135 6 5/8” DP, NC.Shell UK North Sea North Cormorant

1991 Wk9 BOP shear rams on C-276 material, Hastelloy and other CRA material.SOC USA

1991 Wk4 Hydril ER shear rams, recorded shear pressures. 6 5/8".

1990 Wk5 BP Norway? x ShaffeR sheaR Rams 72 x 5” DP 135 S; booster!

*1988 Wk6  NL NAM Shear bliNd rams x 5M cemeNt uNit?

1985 Wk15 Dinsdag: Shear/bliNd rams 3 x 5 ksi; NACE? NL NAM HeNk Oude-EssiNk pressure for shear rams? Fred Huisman bypass bottles; extra 5K bottles/pump.

1985 Wk13 Vrijdag: EXXON 18 3/4" 15K BOP + clamp test results. Shear? 9 5/8” 53.5#; 7” 39#; 5” 25.6#; 3.5” 15.5#.


1792 First execution by guillotine. Shear/blind rams patent?

I´m afraid I can´t give straight answers. I can only redirect you to the sources. Obviously, the Preventer Manufacturers did have Engineering Bulletins covering that very issue.

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