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Pressure pumper Engine
20 October 2016
Hello All,
I'm working on a project for one of my clients and am wondering if the Engine of a cement pumper must be intrinsically safe or not. The engine is going to be used in Zone 2. I did some research and realized that intrinsically safe engines are required for Zone 0 and zone 1, however I would appreciate your guys feedback. If you can send me a document which clearly specifies engine and electrical installation requirements for every zone, I would be very grateful.

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I do not have access to the documentation that you have requested but you could possibly retain a registered equipment engineer evaluate the relevant certification for your region.

However, I would suggest that you consider that an independently driven cement unit is often designated as a contingency well kill pump. This would tell me that such a pump should be considered as Class 1 Div 2.

I hope that this helps.

Rgds, Gary Pidcock P.Eng

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