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15 November 2016

Does anyone know if a standard exists for inspection and maintenance of drill pipe handling equipment?


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Your question is very broad, but here goes:

API 8B - "Recommended Practice for Procedures for Inspections, Maintenance, Repair, and Remanufacture of Hoisting Equipment"

It's scope states:

"This document provides guidelines and establishes requirements for inspection, maintenance, repair, and remanufacture of items of hoisting equipment manufactured according to API 8A, API 8C, or ISO 13535 used in drilling and production operations, in order to maintain the serviceability of this equipment."

It goes on to further list the components referenced in that sentence.

Additionally, there are at least two non-national standards which are commonly used throughout the industry, TH Hills DS-1 and Fearnley-Proctor's NS-2.

There are likely many dozens of inter-company standards, which are generally not released to the public.

Hope that helps,

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