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03 September 2017

What is the best – most user friendly software for preparing well status diagrams– that also includes features to address Pre and post Abandonment well diagrams ?

thanks  in advance for any advice / suggestions

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I would always start with a blank A3 pages and draft something up as people have suggested. Stage 2 is then a further view that has not changed;

Visio or solidworks by far the best for anyone who takes time to learn how to use this. Particularly technical people engineers, TA's etc. What is important is that the user is always in full control, with no other software package, IT or other expensive support specialist required when things invariable fail (e..g you cant find something in a pcik list etc). These products visio, solidworks, also general integrate well into everything else.

e.g. I've seen what professionals like Bill Abel produces with this in term of well control assurance, relief well plans, BOCP, SCERP, ERP's etc. (Bill uses Visio). 

Once you have your templates etc set up. Boundaries for advancement are limitless. The quality of work and presentation unsurpassed and next time around a piece of cake.   

Furthermore as all 2 or 3d schematics can have full dimensional , math and engineering capabilities all plugged in.

The greatest benefit and vision for me by far is that one's
dimensional 2d drawing (well schematic) from visio or solid works can feed directly into Mathcad to run all associated well engineering direct form one's schematic. Simples!

My aspiration was always to afford time to learn visio  or solidworks.

1. create a 2d well schematic.
2. This would then feeds into all existing Mathcad work sheets I already have. (and engineering reports instantly).
3. One hits the print button and presto a BOD, or full suite of casing design, hydraulics, cementing, abandonments calcs displacements, graphs, is the resulting output. (in any units/mixed one wants!) In a ready to print report WYSIWYG!

Benefits? Accelerated learning, far more efficient, effective process and flow of workflow etc.
Provenance and QA/QC off work done all built into these products for any future audit trail etc that may come up.

Case study: Pharmaceuticals changed from excel to Mathcad because there were far too many errors in excel worksheets etc (that is an accounting tool)  that did not get picked up on until incidents resulted. The industry then moved to Mathcad to improve QA/QC and provenance of all technical reporting there-after.    



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You could also try WellShadow by Petrocode
Never used it, but from the demo videos it looks very nice.
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Call me old too, but I've used Excel for as long as I can remember!
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I agree with the pad and pencil method mentioned above, but, for a very user-friendly piece of software, run in a web-browser, I'd recommend the Wellbarrier tool -

It's a drag drop tool and is actually for creating a barrier envelope diagram, but is also good for decent status diagrams.

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Call me old, but the best I've found is a pencil and engineering pad. 

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