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10 October 2017

I am an experienced drilling guy studying as a self funded mature student distance learning at RGU Aberdeen. Ideally I am looking for an operator or service company who requires a case study on a topic covering the wide spectrum of drilling engineering.

The project would last around 40 weeks from mid November, I live in Aberdeen UK and could go the the offices even offshore if required. There would be no cost to the client only your time occasionally for guidance. I would sign any confidentialy agreements if required.

My background is;
Current DD Iraq
DD Various
MWD Various
Marine Engineer - container ships
HND Marine Engineering
HNC Electronics

If you can advise please get in contact with me at

I can provide references or check out my Linkedin profile;

Many thanks for your time.

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I've connected the two of you by email. 

Harald, many thanks.  You were the ONLY member to come forward!
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I see you have not received any responses on your post. I am not able to offer what you requested, but am available to mentor you through your chosen project (I have done this in the past for RGU students of ABS - MBA and Well Engineering).

Best regards,
Harald Benning.
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Garry Morrison

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