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Expro's "CaTS" - Cableless Telemetry System - Electromagnetic signal transmission
01 December 2017
Anyone got field experience using this Expro system to transmit pressure data through casing. Does it actually work? We want to transmit data on land wells from 4,500mTVD. How long do the batteries last?
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This system actually works; it has been installed on several wells in the North Sea by at least two operators. These wells are P&A'ed appraisals (P&A'ed / cemented back, except for the wellhead)

Battery life is simulated by Expro based on expected conditions in the well and required sampling rate. For example, 1 point per day would give an expected lifetime of about 2.5 years for these applications (~80 deg C / ~2000 m TVD). Best get in touch with Expro to get proper estimates, I believe they can use several battery modules if required in order to improve life expectancy.

I can provide more info if you need, I was involved in the installation of one of these systems about 3 years ago (and it is still working!)
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I don't have the field experience, but did look pretty hard at the system a couple of years ago. All the data and the case histories that were provided by Expro (and are available as SPE papers) showed the system to have been successful. We opted not to run it though as the battery life (which from memory was 6-9 months if run on a low data transmission rate). Battery length is totally dependent on the frequency of pressure points taken and the downhole temperature, and for our applications I think we would only be able to get one pressure reading per week over 6-9 month (though I could be mistaken, maybe it was one per day). it wasn't enough data, and the battery life was not long enough for the deepwater application we looked at.

I don't have the contact details for the guys I spoke with at Expro, but they are a smallish team. I'm sure you can send a general inquiry to either team in the UK.

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