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How to effectively drill (1)3 permanent retainers (EZSV)(2) a PosiTrieve packer
31 January 2018
The wells were drilled in the late 80's.
(1)In the first, after each test, a permanent retainer was set and the next zone tested. Now we wish to open the whole zone. I have had prior experience trying to drill one retainer on top of another and it was difficult due to 'spinning'.
(2)The well was abandoned with a cement plug and PosiTrieve packer above the zone of interest. We don't expect any problems with the plug but anticipate having to drill the top slips and push the packer to bottom. I should add that attempts were made to pull/fish the packer previously without success.
Has anyone else developed any specific techniques for either of these circumstances?

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I recommend you use a diamond burn shoe to mill the PosiTrieve packer. Bill Short in Texas is a specialist manufacturer of high performance diamond burn shoes. 

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In a case like this the safest method is to wash over with a S.O.D., dressed id wash over/ burn shoe and dress a fishable fishneck to retreive on the next run if the permenant does not "stick"in your shoe.
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Hi Steve

Good challenge!

As I recall, years-and-years ago when I was with Shell Expro (UKCS) we were faced with drilling/milling one plug and then another (Curlew re-entry).  I think that we concluded that we would endeavour to 'fish' the uppermost plug before tackiling the deeper one.

However, I can't quite remember which way we went, but there are members out there with a better memory than me and more than a few eager fisherman.

Bring it on!
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