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Circulating sub preferences
08 April 2018
Can end users please state what manufacturer/supplier and design type of drilling circulating subs they prefer to use and the main reasons why?
Also, what if any different modes can the chosen tools be used in?
100% circulate through bit, 100% circulate through circ sub with flow to bit shut-off, split flow between bit and circ sub for example or other modes.
What are the methods of activation for the chosen sub, flow only, ball and flow, dart and flow, RFID for example or other methods.

Thanks in advance......
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Usually in charge for Fluids and Cementing operations, I can give you just one single major advice: get the max circulation pressure or flow straight from the manufacturer and make sure the values are ending in the hand of the final user.
Every intermediary, from the manufacturer to the end-user is willing to stay on the safe side and applying a 75% safety margin.
The drilling engineers team choose a circulating sub rated for 1000 l/min and the driller end-up with an instruction form stating 300 l/min maximum.
I witnessed that numerous time.
The problem is that every one think he did a good and safe job...too bad.
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