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CCL in flush joint CSG
25 April 2018

ID and OD at flush joint connection are almost same as pipe body unlike coupling connection.

Is CCL able to detect very small magnetic anomaly?

In other words, doesn’t a pup joint of flush joint work as a depth maker?

Have you ever successfully take CCL in flush joint CSG?



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Properly setup CCL should be able to discern short joints, but to be 100% sure (as everyone else has noted) stick a radioactive pip tag in and there is no question. Protechnics (Corelab) can provide this at minimal cost and you have a depth marker for ~life
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easy to pick up the connection with flush joints just put pip tag while making the connection pip tag paper install it on the thread and tight it up.
difficult to allocate the connection in flush joints.
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Theoretically can, but actually difficult due to noise, with good filter setting hope can see.
Using as big tool as possible and new one should help.
Pip tag is recommended.
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In my experience it CAN be difficult to pick up  clear CCL in flush-joint casings.  It can depend on how much a CCL signal is processed or digitised by the contractor's system.

As a marker, I would recommend adding a radioactive pip-tag to either the top or bottom connection of your pup joint.

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 A properly set up CCL should be able to discern connections from the pipe body due to the slight mass increase (magnetic anomaly).

  Depends on operator, system and tool string set up.
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