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Options for Caliper in 12.25" x 13.50" UR hole
03 May 2018
Hi all,

Looking for a caliper tool that can be run in 12.25" x 13.50" UR BHA whilst drilling a troublesome formation with 1.80sg-2.00sg SBM system. Due to troublesome nature of formation it is important that this tool does not add additional drilling risks, particularly packoff risks whilst tripping - as such flowby/profile is important). Ideally it would be behind the under-reamer or alternatively ability to measure on trips with low circulation and ideally no RPM . Memory data is fine.

Does anyone know of tools that would fit the bill and give quality data in an under-reamed hole like this? It's a tall order I think so even tools that fit the bill partially would be interesting!

Cheers, David
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Late response, so the well may already been drilled already... but you might consider the logging out of hole tool (memory only) provided by Cordax. The premise is to add on an inert assembly which consists of a steel/composite collar and a 1-2 subs (total length <30') onto your existing drilling assembly which just sits there as you drill ahead. After completing drilling operations, the logging tools are pumped down and seat in the assembly collar whereby the tool begins logging as you trip out of hole at a prescribed rate. 

Caliper log would be an average caliper developed from a density logging tool -  this has good agreement with wireline caliper logs from case studies where both were ran. 

They've had ~30 or so runs since 2016, with both the composite and steel collars. There are specs for the max torque, compression, and tension etc. for the collar assembly, but my only concern is regarding the bending stresses and corresponding bending stress ratio of the collar connections (which are API)...

Operators have drilled with the assembly successfully (as was intended) and there have been no LIH/twist off incidents to date - so the fear is currently unfounded but remains one nonetheless.

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