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SIMOP on Jack up Rigs
30 July 2018
Hi All,

I would appreciate if any one of you can share SIMOP matrix for a Jack up rig and what changes or up gradation required at rig to meet SIMOP requirements.
Any case study with cost estimate will be appreciated.Thank you

Sajjad Khan
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Hi Sajjad,

I have a SIMOPS matrix which might help you.

Documents uploaded by user:
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In general, beyond the ability to achieve the required air gap (and the changes that increase will generate) and provide for the necessary POB, there are no changes needed to the rig.  I suggest you start with PetroWiki and the SPE publications, you should be able to find a lot of hard data there.

Also, be advised that cost estimates are highly specific to the project ... and some or many of the actual costs for a SIMOPS program may not even be able to be separated out from a conventional drill-then-complete program.
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