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Looking for Oil Rig workers who come in contact with Calcium Bromide regularly
22 August 2018
I work for a footwear company out of the US, named Ariat International. We are looking to design and develop work boots/footwear resistant to calcium bromide. To do this, we need to develop a testing procedure to determine the level at which our boots are resistant to the chemical. I am looking for a couple oil rig workers who come in contact with Calcium Bromide on a regular basis to ask a few questions:

What form is it in when used? Liquid?

What is the concentration?

What kind of exposure would an oil rig worker experience and for how long?

During this  process we will be looking for possible wear testers to wear our prototypes to get a sense of how well they resist the deterioration. After all testing, design, and development has been completed, it would be possible for me to give a few complimentary pairs away once they are launched.

Thank you for your time.

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Eric Goff

Product Manager-Work and Outdoor Footwear

Ariat International

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