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Making up crossover to GE WBRRT
24 August 2018

I'm wondering that Wear Bushing Running Retrieval Tool (WBRRT) for GE MS-700 can be made up to crossover on the bottom of WBRRT in the rotary table or not. 
Does anyone have any experience or information regarding making up bottom connection on the WBRRT in the rig floor?  

The WBRRT has 4-1/2 IF box on bottom connection. See the attached drawing for details of the WBRRT. 

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Yes, you can make up a cross over into the bottom NC-50 (4-1/2" IF) box end connection.

Assuming that you are using a drillstring with NC-50 connections, you would need an NC-50  double pin sub.

You would need to make up the double pin sub using rig tongs.

What do you need a crossover on the bottom for?


Neil Guthrie
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