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Standards & Guidelines for Well Integrity & Well Control
05 October 2018
Dear all,

Please find attached the latest for the IAOGP (International Association of OIl & Gas Producers).

The contents of these pages are © International Association of Oil & Gas Producers. Permission is given to reproduce this report in whole or in part provided (i) that the copyright of IOGP and (ii) the sources are acknowledged. All other rights are reserved. Any other use requires the prior written permission of IOGP. 

I hope this broadcast helps (our industry).

Kind regards


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Petro Sanat Imen Avin
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Highly appreciated!

Best regards

D&C Project Coordinator / Decommissioning
Society of Petroleum Engineers
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Hello Dave,

There will only be 10% of the engineers that could persevere with reading all the documents and framing a best practice by each Chart of Accounts for each phase of a project from planning to facilitating by phase, mob to demob etc with condition monitoring.

What about creating a collaborative "Cluster" to where any person could search the best practice just in time to facilitate the role they play.  Decision Quality by negotiation isn't working. 

Opportunity is the web technology where now the storage space is unlimited. 

Could frame HESQ best practices around culture, language and even include a carbon footprint of each activity. 

Work quality and let the financial side be measured where asset ROI will be at least 40% more then in the current management culture and no more loss control or need for operational contingencies like blowouts. 

Only climate change and natural disasters leading to loss control
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