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IADC Report Filing Rules
07 October 2018
Good Day To All,
IADC report still having meaning whether it is Electronic copy OR hard copy. I filled the report when I was worked on rig site. Now recalling few things which I require your help to get proper answer to my questions related to hard copy of IADC. (Big booklet)

1. Any one guide the different colour copies, what they have mean? Which colour should give to whom? Like white page colour to operation team or accountant?
2. What should do, if Rig contractor or Company does not ready to sign report due to dispute? What is resolve here?
3. What timeframe should be given to contractor to filled daily report and submit to office within how many months?
any other good guidelines to keep filing proper. 
Thanks in advance 
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Rahul Kale

Drilling Planning Engineer

Sun Drilling LLP

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