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11 December 2018
I would like to get a sense from the community about drilling and completion technologies and innovations (beyond extended reach, fracking etc.) that are likely to have the greatest impact on drilling performance in coming years. I was thinking in terms of e.g. rig automation, managed pressure drilling, casing while drilling. Any thoughts or views greatly appreciated.
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Nor a direct answer per se, but I found these two online articles (i) interesting and (IMO) (ii) relevant to the ongoing discussion.


Regards, Nick
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During my active time, 1965 - 1999 we gave more thought to reducing downtime. Selecting drilling equipment such as unitized wellheads, segmented clamps, hydraulic nuts, drilling-with-stands, etc.

Another example was rock bit selection e.g. using RBI bits we never drilled faster but we always drilled cylindrical holes - not conical. So we didnĀ“t have to ream and we had no fishing involved as the bit refused to go further so avoiding losing teeth, cones, bearings.

Drilling programs should avoid under-reaming and the intervals for coring should be spelled out.

Land rig movings should be carefully planned - using P.E.R.T. for instances... A spare set of mattings do wonders for speeding Land rig moves.

Rig automation was good for safety but did little for speed; it achieved consistency, mainly.

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